Dubalizer – Reggae Dubstep from Brazil (Free Downloads)

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Sao Paulo based Wagner Bagão aka. Dubalizer is one of Brazil’s leading Reggae Dubstep producers, who has collaborated with a lot of well-known Artists from the brazilian Dancehall scene. His newest tune is a nice Remix of Baile Funk & Ragga Artist Jimmy Luv‘s classic anthem “Taca Mais Fago”, which is available for free download.
I think you will enjoy this one a lot and if you do you also will like his totally free 2009 album “Sub Existência”, which contains 14 of his previous tunes and collaborations with artist like Dom Lampa, Arcanjo Ras and the female singer Nell. This is a timeless piece of music.

Original version:


Dubalizer – Sub Existência Album (via fresh-poulp.net)

and make sure you’ll give this wicked Sizzla Remix a listen:

Facebook: Dubalizer

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