TropicalBass Vol. 1 – Funky Edition

TropicalBass Vol 1 Funky Edition

Almost two years ago we decided to release a compilation with some of the artists we like and who have been featured here on It took quite some time but now the first release is finally available. With ‘Vol. 1 – Funky Edition‘ we have a focus on UK Funky inspired tracks which still have their place in the selection of most Tropical DJs.

Household names of the genre are featured as well as not so well known names – but all tracks have something in common: we love them and we’re sure that they will move hips all-over:
So Shifty (Hamburg, Germany), Tipanic (Vienna, Austria), Max Le Daron (Bruxelles, Belgium), DJ Mellow (Bruxelles, Belgium), Dreadsquad (Lodz, Poland) & Lady Chann (London, UK), Marflix (Berlin, Germany), Danny Scrilla (Munich, Germany), Blnd! (Scotland, UK), Kush Arora (San Francisco, USA) & Bongo Chilli (USA), Nilsa (Brasil) with Ertu & Pushking Noise (Zurich, Switzerland), 4×4 (Ghana) & Malibu Rockaz (Cocos Keeling Islands / Prague, Czech Republic), Denham Smith (Jamaica) & SWS (Berlin, Germany).

The idea behind this compilation series is to give a snapshot of what is happening in the vital and ass kicking underground blog scene. This music development is going fast – so fast that even music nerds like us couldn’t keep up sometimes. Not to mention the average club goer and music afficionado. Now with the TropicalBass compilation there’s an easy link to at least one aspect of our genre – available on all major digital stores.

Cover art: Optikom (also known as DJ Zhao)

Shoplinks: Juno | iTunes | more within the next days

01. So Shifty – “Wake The Town”
02. Tipanic – “Wine Like A Snake” (feat Emiliano & Acero MC & Mando – Marflix Carnival Roadmix)
03. Max Le Daron – “Badman Soul”
04. DJ Mellow – “Berimbau Riddim”
05. Dreadsquad & Lady Chann – “Money Ah Dem God” (P-era & FJH remix)
06. Marflix – “Tak-Te-Ting (‘ed Gone)”
07. Danny Scrilla – “Seckle”
08. Blnd! – “Cast Up Riddim”
09. Kush Arora & Bongo Chilli – “Wine Mek Me See You” (Funky Remix)
10. Nilsa – “Aphale” (Ertu & Pushkin Noise Remix)
11. Tipanic – “Caribbean Hussler”
12. 4×4 – “Miss Doctor” (Malibu Rockaz Remix)
13. Denham Smith & SWS – “Want Some More”

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