Jon Kwest- Winter of Moombahton

Being a tradition here!! Jon Kwest drops his newest!!
This time he works with DJ MAG so check it out for the official Blablabla HERE
This Winter of Moombahton is really strong!!!
If u remember lighter..Then u know.. No preview needed..
Plus u get Jon Kwest, Guapo Feo, Pickster & Meo, Boyfriend plus lots of wicked producers!!!
Full Tracklist
1. Cam Jus – Phantom Elements
2. Jon Kwest – Scanner
3. Apt One – Locked
4. Canamajoso – Canamo (instrumental mix)
5. DJ Madd OD – El Tropical
6. Guapo Feo and DJ Shakey – Spanish Fever
7. Nate Metro – I Want Sundays Back
8. Kovary – Everybody Knows My Name
9. Pickster & Melo – Overnight Sensation
10. Kid Cedek – Chingoteo
11. Don Valdez – La Llorona
12. Jon Kwest – Trick Baby
13. Cy Kosis – Club Massacre
14. Boyfriend & Krinjah – Yuh Body Good
15. Xianjuan aka Xian1 – M.I.A.

One thought on “Jon Kwest- Winter of Moombahton”

  1. NOTE: please credit track #6 “Spanish Fever” to Guapo Feo AND Dj Shakey (see track info and metadata), thanks!
    Great comp ppl, been listening to it all day..

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