Joelito – Crudo EP

Joelito’s first release on Big’n’Hairy, the 3-Track EP “Crudo”, is a perfect Tropical Bass banger in it’s full sense. Blending Socastep with Moombahton and UK Funky, effective percussion with a fine taste for exciting rhythms, the original tunes are also a great base for the notorious squad of remixers at work here. The whole EP is breathing a quite dark, intense and heavy vibe, in my humble opinion definitely the direction Tropical is going at the moment and in the near future.

“Crudo” is a quite dark Moombah/Funky track, but still catchy, bubbling and fast-paced. One of my faves is definitely Murlo’s even darker refix of the title-track, featuring a haunting flute and some hysteric synth. Tipanic turns the same tune upside-down and speeds it up to get everyone ready for some glowstick raving.
“U Got To Get Mad” has a strong Soca flavour with a definitely futuristic approach. It’s a Jump-Up Tune that never gets boring thanks to his tricky construction. Ophex adds a fresh touch of Baile Funk vocals and makes the tune bubble in a Kuduro manner. The Thormato remix opts for 140 bpm and a Cumbiaton/Tribal double bounce.
For everyone who was waiting for some horns, bounces and bashment, there is “All A Di Gal Dem”. Boogaloo are going “Minimal Techno” with their remix, haha – going in hard as always, Boogaloo is really killing it. Dixone is not to be missed too, Bubblinghouse at it’s raving best.

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