Lady Gypsy – Vintage Wine

We are in right in the middle of the high season of Soca & Carnival music. Another sweet Groovy Soca video by Lady Gypsy singing about the vintage wine from the good ole days before the influence of Jamaican dancehall. If you never heard about Lady Gypsy but the voice sounds kinda familiar, don’t worry: she is Fayann Lyons mother. Actually Lyn “Lady Gypsy” Steele won the Calypso Monarch title in 2010.

Wining has nothing to do with the drink wine, but with a dance common in the Caribbean which has a lot to do with body controll, bumper rotation and sex.

There is another 2012 tune – not really Soca but Kaiso, the modern successor of Calypso.

Edit 02/2021: fixed video links

3 thoughts on “Lady Gypsy – Vintage Wine”

  1. Lady Gypsy must thank Crazy for recording her and putting her on youtube for all those years… she is a very good singer

  2. The vintage wine video is total fire. The girl in the black and red dress is insanely fine. I would give anything just to know her name, she’s beautiful

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