Nacional Records: Mega Post!! (free Tunes Worldwide readers!)

To begin this post, we have to give props to Vanessa, my mate Canyon, and all the people from Nacional Records who
are working very hard to support Latin Underground scene..
and if you remember few weeks ago they dropped a HUGE amount of tunes for FREE, but because it was an I-tunes promotion, the downloads were only available to US readers.

Nacional Records, aware of the situation, started fixing this, and obviously TropicalBass supports their artists so here we are again:
WITH AMAZING MUSIC..and Finally accessible to readers worldwide!!

We encourage people, who like any of the artists, to get the full release..
In the mean time!! let’s enjoy the Mega Post!

and the freebie

Next guest is an experimental turntablist from Chile-by-way-of Spain, DJ Raff’s debut album ‘Latino and Proud’ is a fusion of bass-heavy electronica and futuristic instrumental hip-hop, sounding something like Flying Lotus mixed with DJ Shadow.

Get the tune HERE

And even better: Caracas funksters Los Amigos Invisibles are celebrating 20 years of critical and commercial success as a band, with non-stop global touring and multiple Grammy nominations.
and Nacional is giving a wicked Tune for Free!!

Finally one of the hottest acts from Venezuela!!
Cuarto Poder, released this wicked Mxtp which is also available for FREE

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