Joelito – Sickhead (Free EP)

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Joelito is indeed back!!
This Swedish mate, is actually one of the dopest Digital Cumbia producers ever, and he is also the head of EMAYOCUTZ, who has released El hijo la cumbia, or posted the amazing Gux Swadharma, he also helped to make Cumbia Bass Beats library..
Now he has moved into much more open territories, and to prove how massive his new release is..
Jeffree’s dropped his newest!!
Joelito – Sickhead by Mad Decent

The remixes from his partners in crime Flore, Boyfriend and also swedish Copia Doble Systema are amazing.

Grab the whole release (for Free)

Joelito – Sickhead (JEFF008) by Mad Decent

Remember that Tropical Bass is also supporting Jeffree’s releases and encouraging people to spread the world..
If you want to get the 320’s click here

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