Indigenous Resistance- Viva La Minga Indigena

Lost of people support Indigenous Resistance.
it is something we all, as humans, “civilized” and into art need to be aware.
Sometimes it is hard to change things from a simple recording studio/blog/newspaper; because these atrocities against Indigenous are happening in the fields.
But we can share this message to the point we create awareness; and then, somehow, a whole movement starts being active.
Asian Dub Foundation’s Dr Das, Brazilian Dj Babz, Canadian Cree singer Jimmy D, among many more are involved in a single that blends DUB and FUNK.
This is a free download
Viva la minga indigenia DUB by italdub
about this tune:
it is a dub drenched tribute to the minga indigena .a nation wide indigenous protest march that goes across colombia…This experiment ignores all boundaries….tohununo indigenous vocals from sosolakam in the south pacific, cree traditional singing from jimmy dick in canada, percussion by dr das, vocals by the ghost, rio de janeiro funk beats by rio de janeiro ‘s dj babz,,,
first they started doing this in a tiny in house studio in rio de janeiro, Brazil then they took it took kingston, Jamaica where dubmaster delroy’ fatta’ pottinger tore it apart with reverb , echoes and his own special dub touches..dubwise!!

Second one comes from A Tribe Called Red, fellow Indigenous Supporters, who I have the honor to know, and share same resistance philosophy.
They drop this song which can be downloaded for FREE HERE
General Generations by A Tribe Called Red

and Third one:
a ground-breaking, border-crossing “Dancing on John Wayne’s Head” by the Fire This Time. It features the voices of Harry Allen (affiliated with Public Enemy,) Don Patrick Martin, Krystal Cook and Eagleheart Singers. Recorded in Jamaica, and also at KCRK FM Kahnawake Radio Station, Kahnawake Territory, and also in Toronto.
Basslines & Ballistics by The Fire This Time by Sumitasweetmart

3 thoughts on “Indigenous Resistance- Viva La Minga Indigena”

  1. wow…awesome visionary …what a pleasant surprise to see a writer who can make the links like this and in the process turn people onto music that is resistance bassed……LARGE UP alberto

  2. Thx Tropical Bass/Caballo for this forum!


  3. Just found out about the IR today! I promote the GREAT GATHERING movement! The Elders are speaking! The Dogon, Hopi, Kogi, Mayans and others are stepping forward with messages to save humanity at this time!  I’ve written a free E-Book on the subject along with writings on the power of Music & Youth Culture to significantly raise the vibration of the planet! Hit me up on Facebook: MACK YANGA to network & build momentum!  To download the E-Book, just look for the link on my YouTube Channel: LUMUMBARUMBA

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