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After five years of rebel sounds spreading around the world they release their 4th Annual Compilation (yes, in the first year they didn’t release one!).
Again Rebel Sounds members scattered in various parts of the world such as Mexico, Chile, Colombia, Canada, Russia, Brazil and Spain (If you want to know more about Rebel Sounds, you click HERE), They have a selection of songs from some of crossbred the best bands from around the world. This selection is based on records released throughout 2011.

You can grab that EP right here
we’ve been fortunate to have several friends of Rebel Sounds bands from various countries who graced this compilation with some unreleased tracks. These tracks appear in this compilation as bonus tracks, this EP Rebel Sounds, called Unpublished/Exclusive tunes.
Some of the songs in there are
P18 mega Balkan/Cumbia
P18 Live Machine – Bucovina en Baranquilla (Danochilango Remix) by
This amazing cover called Whole Latin Love from Spanish band
La familia Rustika
La Familia Rústika – Whole Latin Love by
Or this Roots track
made by Caballo and Chong X
Caballo & The Mothafu Kings -Mestizo (Produced by Chong X) by
This is the complete Tracklist
01 Tamarita – El V and the Gardenhouse (Bolonia, Italia)
02 Bucovina en Baranquilla/Danochilango Remix – P18 Live Machine (Perpignan, Francia)
03 Whole Latin Love – La Familia Rústika (Barcelona, España)
04 Energía Nativa – Intiche feat. Nim Alae (Argentina/Guatemala)
05 El Hoyo (Barriobeat Jungle Remix) – Rude Hi-Fi (Bolonia, Italia)
06 Mestizo – Caballo & TMFK (Colombia/Canadá)
07 Un Beso y un Adiós – La Digna Rabia (Porto Alegre, Brazil)

Now the Two compilations are just simply amazing.

In addition to disseminating to all these bands (which is the intention of this compilation), Sounds Rebel team had the idea to raise awareness through our DJs compiled mestizo us their remixes over the years. That’s why we organized the call “Rebel Sounds Dj Wants You!” For creating the intros and outro of the compilation, receiving many proposals from different countries. With many surprises encountered and issues designed to Rebel Sounds, describing the work of our space, the mixed disufión of music.
Pachanguito also dropped this banger

For 2011’s Compilation, Rebel Sounds has been opened to a diversity of languages​​, countries and styles ranging from cumbia, reggae, ska, rumba, salsa, flamenco, merengue, ragga, and ranchera to rock, hip-hop, polka, Balkan, dub, funk, rai, electronica, swing and folk.

La Kinky Beat – Good System by

this is simply a beauty
FRANCIA Sargento García – Vasito De Agua by

The sounds of the world are present in the compiled Rebel Sounds 2011, merged to show the purest essence of Rebel Sounds, the mixing with all the sound and the whole word!


Volume Two

and you will get stuff like this
Dubioza Kolektiv – U.S.A. by

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  1. ExcelentE Whole latin love ROCKS! felicidades Familia!

  2. This is absolutely amazing guys! Thank you very much for sharing all this wonderful music. It is quite clear the amount of love you put into this project. Great track selection and information about each one of the artists. I will be spinning some of these songs very soon during my sets and spread the music of all these talented musicians. Best! 

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