24 FREE DOWNLOADS from Nacional Records

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Big news, specially for those who are in North America!!!

If you want to check some of the most wicked and well produced independent acts from south america, there are few “big” labels who really deliver music quality and stay on top of the game.

Nacional Records is giving away 24 of their most popular songs from 2011, including tracks from Chocquibtown,
Ana Tijoux, La Vida Boheme, The Pinker Tones, Hello Seahorse!, Diego Garcia, Fidel Nadal and Nortec Collective Presents Bostich + Fussible.

This is an excellent gift from perhaps the most wicked Latino Label in the US!!!
Make sure you get those bangers RIGHT HERE
They are free!!

8 thoughts on “24 FREE DOWNLOADS from Nacional Records”

  1. Could please add – Only for American iTunes !!!!!!!!!! Similarly Nacional stuff is impossible to buy online from places like Juno because of bullshit territory restrictions, actually makes me really dislike the label and not want to support them on the radio or in print –  especially when they put ‘don’t steal music’…what alternative do they give us? I still try to play artists on Nacional when I can, but only because they shouldn’t be penalised for being on an ignorant  and arrogant label

    1. Hey Jim –   we dont put the restrictions on the territory of this sampler. iTunes does.  You should try on Amazon – we have a free sampler on there too that should work in Canada.  Its silly for you to say you dont want to support all our great artists.  Our music is available in Canada – and it took us a good while to work that deal out and we often get stuck with returns on physical product. We are available on all the digital outlets, like we are anywhere else around the world. 

      You dont know us, so you should not call us ignorant or arrogant. We are a hard working label releasing and working artists that the major labels would not even take a second look at – and we like it that way. To read crap like yours is sometimes disheartening.   There used to be a lot of places that carried our music in Canada and we even have people who appreciate us and support but as with everywhere else, there are less and less of those places around.  

      Whereas we dont want you to “steal” something that we did not decide on giving you (giving away music is not always that easy, as you have to get an ok from both the artist and the publisher as well) we have never used the phrase, ” don’t steal music” anywhere so you are slightly off kilter with that comment.  

      If you dont want to support us, that’s fine.  We will keep on fighting the good fight with all this amazing music.  We sleep fine at night knowing that we are doing the right thing and are fighting the good fight.  In closing, just want to throw out a quick “fuck you” for writing such ” ignorant and arrogant” shit.  Have a great day.     Tomas

    2. We are working with Nacional Records trying to find an alternative link, as that seems to be more an Itunes policy than a Nacional Records thing.
      Let me get back to you about this later on

  2. First thanks Caballo, always enjoy and check your blog and appreciate your considered reply.
    As to your reply Tomas I can’t help but feel you confirm some of my feelings as you have made assumptions, and haven’t really consdiered or comprehended what I said. Fair enough I apologise (a bit) if my comment was written in frustration/anger and went too far, however every single time I encounter Nacional it seems there is some barrier to being able to buy (or in this case access) the music…. that winds me up. You could consider that and think how to rectify it, after all we both know it’s harder than ever to find people who want to buy and support music – or you could just not bother, confirm my worst impressions and say ‘fuck you’ – great job you’re doing representing your artists there mate, sleep well.
    Firstly I’m not in Canada, the world is bigger than the Americas …that’s the attitude I’m speaking of right there. I own and operate a label myself and have done for over a decade, have run a radio show for over 20 years, and write about and promote music that I support and most often have to buy for the privilege of  bigging up – so you don’t know me at all, but I bet  I know a bit more about your label. I do know that there are alternatives to Amazon and iTunes – which I personally only use as a last resort. Juno is one but I can’t buy your stuff from there because of territory restrictions, why didn’t you address that point in my mail at all? I also can’t buy your stuff in my territory domestically. As regards Juno – In my (pretty wide) sphere of interest that happens predominantly only with Nacional and the Domino label, hardly anyone else. Other labels with restrictions have a bandcamp page or similar that removes these issues- thats great I can support the artists and labels, don’t have to have corporations taking a slice, and buy their gear before playing it on the radio or out, writing about it ..whatever.
    The ‘steal’ comment came directly because of what it says when I tried to access the music on iTunes. I want to hear and support your music, I can’t but I’m told not to steal it. I imagine those restrictions rarely happen in America, but the world is a bigger place  than that.

    If you read my previous comment you’ll see that I said that I still try to support your artists (well some, I don’t like them all, thats only natural) despite the obstacles that seem to be in place to buying and supporting your music. Your mail and ‘fuck you’ comment really doesn’t make me want to do that but I don’t want to punish the artists or deprive my listeners for your attitude (admittedly I didn’t help that with my stressed mail)
    As I said my comment was written in frustration, which is never ideal and I have apologised for that, but if you’d considered and addressed my point of view/experience rather than just having a pop at me you could have had an ally/a promo contact/a supporter on the other side of the world etc. As it is I will do my best to not let the negative feelings  caused by this and all my previous experiences with your company (I have actually mailed Nacional several times about artists, and tried to get print res photos or arrange interviews, never even had a single reply!) over-ride the talent of your artists..
    I’ve spent enough time on this and have more constructive things to do so its unlikely I’ll continue this dialogue beyond this comment.
    Once again thanks Caballo, I really enjoy and appreciate Tropical Bass and didn’t really want to be bringing negativity to your comments section.

    1. great – you are the one that called us arrogant and ignorant, but I am the bad guy.  C’est la vie.  You can’t please everyone. If you ever contact Nacional for any reason in the future, hope you have the right email address – its not that hard to reach us and we do answer everyone.  Heck, I even jump on blogs to defend our honor ….   

      Where ever you may be, hope you have a nice day. End of story for me.

  3. ok, now we know that nacional records only want to promote their music nacional. que pena !!

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