Outernational- Todos somos ilegales

One of my favorite folk/punk/ska/rock bands are the guys from Outernational, I knew about them because around 2005 I was into supporting EZLN, and Tom Morello was producing a new band called outernational, at the time they had a Sikh member and have a “gogol bordello” vibe..

They have been evolving more and more, and finally they release their album
Todos somos ilegales!! with great lyrics, and featuring Tom Morello, Chad smith or Rene from Calle 13

Although one of my favorite songs is actually an AMAZING remix from our own homie Uproot Andy!!
I asked him how did he got this gig.. and he replied withing minutes!!
Outernational was doing this song with Ceci Bastida, and as he knew them since forever; keeping in mind that Andy is into pretty much any genre, they all together worked on the song.
and in my personal opinion, it is the album highlight, or at least it is the song taht reminds me to their original sound and to a positive warcry, a friendly reminder we can be active in resistance without being aggressive or forgetting we all have love to accomplish any hindrance!!

This song is featuring Morello and as you can hear.. it has this great folk vibe!!

Name Your Price for the new album TODOS SOMOS ILEGALES, funds go to cover costs of the original Outernational songs. $5K is needed, please consider paying what you can to support the band where it counts!


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