ZZK- Kickstarter’s help

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ZZK artists have been fortunate to be recognized as pioneers of mixing digital music with traditional South American rhythms; pushing stereotypes, expanding minds, and creating a movement to change Argentine collective consciousness.

They Have done a doumentary, and now the final steps need to be done, and for that they need YOUR help..
and for helping them, you can get AMAZING prizes…
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The ZZK sound brings traditional and indigenous sounds to life. As opposed to seeing ancient rhythms and recordings as more artifacts in a museum, ZZK artists are appropriating traditions to our generation present in the 21st century. Trailblazing with their innovative sounds abroad, and crossing paths with musicians all over the world that are creating similar collectives in their own countries, ZZK TV hopes to explore this worldwide phenomenon by engaging viewers in an exclusive behind the scenes view into the future of the music industry, as it’s being created.

You are going to help, not only these artists, but also the whole scene, because ZZK represent the gaucho side of south american folklore, which is so rich and creative that needs to be shared outside our continent.

Fauna – Manshines (ZZK Records 2011) by zzkrecords