El Cuco Recordings- “Adventures in ULTRACORE” + Free tune

Tropicalbass has been following Moombahton closely as well..
even tho we try to keep a “ghetto attitude” in terms of our music approach.
Sometimes this hype comes with real amazing releases..
One of the ones who keep everyone talking.. are el cuco records.. but is there something else to add to the sharpest and coolest moombahton label around?
Well..perhaps that they keep killing it and shutting mouths who didnt believe moombah could be original and create its own language!!!

It is still a long way to go, and many of us are part of the whole change.. not only as bloggers, but also as listeners or producers, so i take advantage to send a big up to all the people who are doing better moombahton!!

Do not forget to send your releases to us at promo@tropicalbass.com

So back again to our main guest:

Mendez & El Cuco drop Adventures in Ultracore
and listen to the mix !!

Mendez – Adventures in ULTRACORE [TEASER MIX] OUT 11-11-11 by El Cuco Recordings

We wouldn’t be posting it here.. if it weren’t HUGE!!!
also Mendez gives this FREE TUNE!
Villains – Control The Future(Mendez Edit)[FREE DOWNLOAD] by Mendez (ElCucoRecordings)