Ritmo Machine – Welcome To The Ritmo Machine

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Ritmo Machine is the new project from the percussionist of Cypress Hill and the Beasty Boys “Eric Bobo” and chilean DJ and Turntablist “Latin Bitman”. Together, they’ve released the great album “Welcome To The Ritmo Machine” on US label Nacional Records, specialised in latin american music, lately! On 12 tracks the two producers combine classic HipHop sounds with elements of latin american folk music, but also funk, jazz, reggaeton and a portion of electronic music!
One half of these tunes are instrumentals only, the other half features guest appearances from the two Beastys Money Mark & Mix Master Mike, Sen Dog from Cypress Hill, Jurassic 5’s Chali 2na, Ana Tijoux, P-Nut and Sick Jacken!

To learn more about the “Ritmo Machine” project, check this Video:

Free Download of the instrumental track “Maestro”:

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