Jersey Club Roundup

Everybody loves Jersey Club right now! Check out Sam Tiba’s (of Club Cheval) brandnew Jersey Club mixtape, it’s a great introduction:

Marble Mixtapes #3 : Sam Tiba – Jersey Club Music (Vol. 1) by Marble Music

Developing a strong fascination for Jersey Club and Jersey Club RnB remixes lately, I decided to share some of my favorite stuff with you. In case you haven’t heard of Jersey Club yet: it’s not about fist-pumping like the typical Jersey Shore soundtrack. I’m talking about a style that without a doubt shares many similarities with Bmore Club or even Bounce and Juke. Artists to mention (from my limited perspective) are for example Chad B, DJ Sliink, DJ Tameil, DJ Irresistible, DJ K Millz, DJ Jayhood or Saucy P. There are many many more, of course, but these are names whose stuff I like – give me more in the comments, will you?!

Make It Clap (Saucy P Vocals) Dj Smoove X Dj Trizzy Trip by SaucyP

Ride That Wave ft. DJ Frosty_NJ ,Dj Webstar , by SaucyP

Beside the hard-hitting baselines and dominant clapping it’s the chopped up and well, call it X-rated if you like, vocals, and some heavy, heavy fascination for squealing and squeaking sound bits that characterize Jersey Club. Sometimes you will also find some almost hysterical synths, definitely dramatic. An extended use of current RnB samples let it partly appear a little bit smoother around the edges (and sometimes gives you a glimpse of an “in bed with David Guetta” feeling).

Lay It Down by Dj K Millz

Shontelle Impossible (Sliink Remix) 2010 by DjSliinkBBC

Only girl ( take me for a ride ) Jersey Rmx by Dj Irresistible

She Aint You (CB) – Official Remix by SaucyP

The Cartel Love Song Pt 2 Official by DjSliinkBBC

Saucy P X Skaboo – If I Could by SaucyP

That undeniable “lets fuck for the next hours” attitude is even enhanced and made more “sensual” when slowing Jersey Club a bit down. Dubbel Dutch did that last summer with his “Jersey Slow Club” mix tape. If you haven’t checked it yet, you definitely missed something:


What else? Obviously, dance crews and dance instructions:

Most of the Jersey Club stuff isn’t available as proper release. I recommend to watch the artists Soundcloud pages, most of them are giving away tunes for free download. But normally limited to 100 downloads, so act fast and stay tuned.

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