Die Antwoord- Fok Julle Naaiers (FREE)

South African freak-rap act Die Antwoord releases their new video and song Fok Julle Naaiers, from their forthcoming album TEN$ION.
Song for Free is at the bottom of this post, although We encourage you to read it.

TEN$ION will be released on their own new label called ZEF RECORDZ in digital form and on flash drives (“because CDs are like motherfucking VHS.”) based on “waddy’s aka Max aka Ninja words.

For your information they’ve split with Interscope after the label suggested to aim their music in the direction of more mainstream sensibilities..and/or to create some censorship about their single FOR THE USE OF THE WORD Faggot, which could be very controversial, specially in the US; as the gay activists can make it to the point that the band gets banned.

Now, for some of you, Die Antwoord are always pushing forward and people can expect anything from these guys.
and for many more, these guys are doing it to “keep it real”, although if you look deeper, and know about “waddy” career, these controversial facts do not seem to be that real.

Die Antwoord, sadly, is an act.

Although do not let that fact distract you from their music, and creativity.

“Waddy” has always been big on collaborations. Long before he hooked up with Yo-landi, he exploded into the Rainbow Nation’s consciousness in 1994 fronting wigga crew The Original Evergreens. Signed to major label, Sony Music.
Later on, Waddy’s next conceptual makeover saw him fronting live hip-hop band Max Normal.

line-up featured characters Max Normal (the boss), Yolandi Visser (a romance novel writer), as well as Brad Armitage (the playboy), Jakob Basson (the workhorse), and Justin De Nobrega (the angel) all of whom had different responsibilities and roles to play in Maxcorp, a conflicted but caring corporate entity sent from heaven to save the world… or something like that.

When Max Normal was getting more attention, including a Nelly Furtado invitation for a collab, seemed that waddy & Co, decided to create Die Antwoord.
The current crew consists of Ninja, Yo-landi Vi$$er and DJ Hi-Tek (aka Max Normal.TV’s Justin DeNobrega).

billing themselves as “a mysterious force from the dark, dangerous depths of Africa” and convinced their friend and celebrated photographer Roger Ballen to shoot their debut album cover, they continue to take a weird, scary approach which is very controversial and added lots of views for publicity.

Many instant fans overseas people believed the video depicted their real lives. Actually, Yo-landi and Ninja are married and have a daughter, Sixteen, who is actually going to school. Waddy doesn’t drink alcohol, for example.
They also make movies and merchandise. Their creations include a boutique range of limited edition, hand made soft-toys with a delightfully ear-catching billing: CHOMMIE TOYS.

which explain their fascination with costumes and pretty much everything you see live, it’s available for sale at their Fantastic website

So if you want to know.. more about latest from them and perhaps make an idea on how this band from south africa made it so big…

Here you can read some fact perhaps you didn’t know

DIE ANTWOORD are currently working with Japanese artist TAKASHI MURUKAMI on a secret pop art project.

DIE ANTWOORD are currently collaborating on a feature film with South African film director, Niell Blomkamp (director of District 9).
The name of this South African science fiction film is still classified and is due for release in 2012.

DIE ANTWOORD recently won a South African Music Award (SAMA) for BEST INTERNATIONAL BREAK-THROUGH ACT.

DIE ANTWOORD are represented by their manager Tony Cuilla (Los Angeles) who also represents Marilyn Manson.

DIE ANTWOORD are also represented by Michael Jackson’s lawfirm in Los Angles / New York: ZIFFREN LAW.

and now they are going to release their album via themselves…
In a clever move to keep a stable fansite with promo and all that stuff..
you can get their free tune… right here..

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