Andrés Digital Monthly Cumbia Round Up Episode No 15

You may have noticed that I had released my second EP “Andrés Digital inna ReggaeCumbiaStyle” – Download – so I wanted to dedicate this Cumbia Round Up exclusive to Producers who love to mash Cumbia with Reggae. Que pena that I have only 5 Cumbias to play, because as ReggaeCumbia specialist I have more really powerfull stuff. So this will be continued fi shure. Run the mix my selecta !!

|titles= Monthly Cumbia RoundUp #15
|artists=Andrés Digital]
Download it here


Cumbia No 1 – Chase the Cumbiadevil – Lee Perry (Tupolev Soundcrash Remix)

Brussels based dj’s Leblanc and Darcyr Cruz are passionate music lovers and share a common interest in “global bass music”, the fusion of local popular music styles and electronic club music. Some call it kuduro, coupé décalé, dubstep, dancehall, tropical house, baile funk, digital cumbia or asian underground… dem play it !!



Cumbia No 2 – Esteppo – Maka B (Mykol Orhodox Remix)

Mykol and his TJF Sound comes from Tijuana, Mexico and he is a real heavyweight Champion inna Remix Business. He got a brandnew EP out on Cabeza with 8 bootyfull DancehallCumbia Crossovers -> this is a “Must Download” !!


Cumbia No 3 – Champion – Buju Banton (Zurita Remix)

Zurita comes from South San Telmo, Argentina and is remembering a ex-heavyweight champion who now has to learn how to wait, because of he wanted to speed up the time. Martinanio Zurita mixes cumbia-hiphop-dancehall inna old school style. Run it !!


 Cumbia No 4 – Killasoundbwoy Cumbia (DJ Avatar Mash Up)

Austin, Texas must be a nice place, so much talented Musicproducers and Remixers. This one – DJ Avatar is searchin Global Harmony and mashing up Yellowman, Burro Banton, Bountykilla and more


Cumbia No 5 – Under Mi Sensi -Mr. Vegas (Alguacil☆ Dubkilla Naco)

Manuel Gamboa aka. Alguacil☆ Dubkilla lifes in Bogota, Colombia and has a strong passion for Dub and Cumbia. He combines this in his Nacos !!


Señores y Señoras, Brederen and Sistren, Cumbiamberos, Planeta Unido – Saludos desde Alemania – hasta la proxima !! Y seguramente tu recuerdas !! – El segundo Domingo cada mes! Que vive la Cuuuumbia!!!!

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    1. thanks. actually, the cumbia remix we did is from “chase the devil” by max romeo & the upsetters, not lee perry!

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