Exclusive TB: Chong X & Caballo – Vile (Free EP)

Exclusive for Tropicalbass readers

Czech republic biggest moombahead who is actually living in Peru releases his EP Vile, 7 songs co-produced with Caballo (me) in where Chong X tries to blend Afro peruvian, reggae-world, aggressive tendencies and even drum n bass under one roof!
The result:
Vile.. a FREE EP via The Rebel Records aka Latino Resiste

Caballo & Chong X – Vile by caballo

This one is a Banger
Caballo & Chong X – Whoomp, Como Va by chong-x

Roots Version of Saya de San Benito
Torito Bandido- saya de san benito- Chong x & Caballo (roots remix) by caballo

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