Dub Terminator – Babylon Annihilation + Free Album

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Babylon Annhiliation is the latest Album from New Zealand based producer Dub Terminator, widely known for his unique blend of Roots flavour Dubstep and future style Reggae!
The story of Babylon Annhilation starts with Dub Terminator getting in touch with spain based producer High Freequency in 2009, who was looking for someone able to Remix his Dubplates he has recorded with jamaican Artists like Sizzla, Yellowman and John Holt! This collaboration resulted in founding the “Soul Island” label and they’ve started sending their riddims to Reggae and Dancehall vocalists from all over the world!

They’ve recieved voicings from Jamaica, Canada, UK and Africa by the likes of Mello G, Melloquence, Tidal, I Dadda, CJ, Jim Nastic, Chappa Jan, Senita Mogul, Bongo Chilli and Prince Jacobo. Those voicings where released on Dub Terminator and High Freequency’s Album “Soul Island Vol.01!” and we are very proud to let you download this Album for free (192kbit/s)! This is by far the best modern Dub (!) Album I’ve heared in a while, I’m sure you’ll love it!


Soul Island Vol 01 (mediafire)

But at first this post isn’t about the “Soul Island” Album, it’s about “Babylon Annihilation”, which caught my attention! On Babylon Annihilation, Dub Terminator took a few of the acapellas from their previous releases and transformed them into mellow Dubstep bangers! In my opinion this is a great unification of Reggae and Dubstep, combining the best of both styles.The Album itself is a great example to illustrate the relationship between these genres, but feel free to build your own opinion by streaming the whole album below!

Dub Terminator “Babylon Annihilation” by greenqueenmusic

Here are a couple of free bonus tracks from his soundcloud:

Rise above it Ft Peppery – Dub Terminator & High Freequency – Raggastep Remix by Dub Terminator

Rise above it Ft Peppery – Dub Terminator & High Freequency – Raggastep Remix by Dub Terminator

Reality Chant Productions feat. Natty King – Fyah Bed – Dub Terminator remix by Dub Terminator

Dubmatix – Inna Eden Dub – DUB TERMINATORS BASS KILLA REMIX by Dub Terminator

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