Andrés Digital Monthly Cumbia Round Up Episode No 13

Ok, we will have Chicha and Chollos, a bit of melancolia, wet kisses and nuff Cumbia Remixes. Tropical Bass original Cumbia Round Up is running Round No 13, Andrés Digital is your Selector and as I am Musican and Producer I will not text you to much – I will play the Muuusic you was waitin for – Cuuuuumbia !!

|titles= Monthly Cumbia RoundUp #13
|artists=Andrés Digital] Download it here!

Cumbia No 1 – Deltatron – Luna de Miel

I start with Deltatron from Lima Peru !! They have a new Album – Wasap Yeiterz – wich you could Download for free. Take it!!


Cumbia No 2 – Bigote – Juanita

Bigote from the Caballito Crew from Granada, Spain mixes a love song for Juanita. By the way – also check his pics, he is a talented photographer too.

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Cumbia No 3 – Somewhere – Israel Kamakawiwo – El Poeta

El Poeta is an independent non-aligned producer from Southern California, also known as Carlito Headset. His music demonstrates a dynamic approach to sound system business. Here he comes with a Remix of the Haiwaian Singer Israel Kamakawiwoʻole singing his beautiful Version of Somewhere over the Rainbow.                                                                                                                         SoundcloudHome

Cumbia No 4 - Hang On - Unitone Hifi - Kinky Electric Noise Chica Remix

Miami, Florida based Colombian/American Kinky Electric Noise combines the musical and cultural influences of Latin America (cumbia, porro, vallenato, chicha, champeta) and the Caribbean (dub, reggae, dancehall) with the bass heavy sounds of early hip hop, electro, breakbeat and house. I play a commissioned chicha remix of the unreleased Unitone HiFi song Hang On.

They have a brandnew EP out – great stuff – Kinky Electric Noise Presents Perreo Digital (A Trip into Electro Champeta) Download

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Cumbia No 5 – Your Kisses – Amari – Go Canny! Cumbia Remix

GoCanny comes from Macerata, Italy and this is all I could find out…


Chicos y Chicas, Brederen and Sistren, Cumbiamberos, Planeta Unido – Saludos desde Alemania – hasta la proxima !! Y Recuerdas !! – El segundo Domingo cada mes! Viva la Cuuuumbia!!!!

One thought on “Andrés Digital Monthly Cumbia Round Up Episode No 13”

  1. Hey Andres
    Thanks for including KENs remix of our Hang On tune in your monthly round-up. I always check Tropical Bass out and its an honour to be amongst it. (it should actually be K.E.N.’s Chicha Remix, that was a spelling error by our mastering geezer)
    All the best
    Stinky Jim (one half of Unitone HiFi)

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