Ain’t No love- ain’t no love EP

Sometimes popstep is really impressive. And just a spot away from mainstream.
Canada is lately dropping heavyweight pop stars like bieber n drake.
Hopefully our next guest can join that level. So we can say we posted their stuff on tropicalbass!

Two unique emcees, one innovative producer/DJ and an exceptional singer have joined forces to create one of the most interesting musical groups to come out of Canada. Home to Toronto and Montreal, they’ve cultivated a sound impacting both the Hip-Hop & Electro/Dubstep scenes in both respective cities.

They collectively began their group in 2011, however, each separate artist have created their own buzz through dozens of live shows, releases, features and networking. “Ain’t No Love” brings the streets to the club, providing a style of music that crosses genres and market pools, a feat not easily accomplished.

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