Los chicos Altos- Pa’lante

Posted on 12 August 2011 by Caballo

Los Chicos Altos are not your average Latin-American chicos–really! We found these guys residing in Barcelona, they were easy to spot because their height makes them stand out from regular Catalans. Additionally, since Maxey Blaze is a white German and T-Bird is a black dude from California, they were even more noticeable. Their debut EP on UrbanWorld Records is something they describe as a Trans-Atlantic, Euro-merican blend, uniquely incorporating Afro-Peruvian music, Cumbia and Chillout.
Los Chicos Altos – Pa’lante by UrbanWorld Records

The EP’s title track, “Pa’lante” uses African percussion & polyrhythms originally brought to the Americas with the black slaves and combines it with Flamenco from the Spanish colonizers, while “Un Día Soleado” is a Peruvian Cumbia.

Los Chicos Altos – Un Dia Soleado (Original Mix) by UrbanWorld Records

Los Chicos Altos – Zamba Malato, Lando by UrbanWorld Records
Los Chicos Altos – Pa’lante (Thykier Remix) by UrbanWorld Records

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