El Hijo de La Diabla- Baika

EL HIJO DE LA DIABLA aka Ivan Rodriguez from Koñorteño, the most exciting band from Tijuana, who also a close pal from Los Macuanos is releasing his highly anticipated BAIKA EP for FREE via COCOBASS. so Tropicalbass couldn’t miss it!!!
Baika – El Hijo De La Diabla (Original) by El Hijo De La Diabla

Here we are presented is a tribute to this emerging subculture in its original format, and in eight different interpretations, which include Boys LOL (who will make his first appearance in Cocobass soon), Orion (the popular party maker from Texas). Also accompanied by two fellow ruidosoneros, Santos and Yelram Selectah


Baika EP, remixes By
LOL Boys (US/CA)
Den5hion (MX)
Orion (MX)
The Binary Cumbia Orchesta (AR)
Santos (MX)
Mock The Zuma (MX)
Max Le Daron (BE)
Yerlam Selectah (MX)

CBR013 El Hijo de la Diabla – Baika EP by cocobassrecs