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Ok.. so if you are here, you come directly from the Moombahton, Moombahcore group.. Or you know/heard bout a post in where I (caballo) say a lot of moombahton is just hype. Quoting someone in the forums.. i will sum up my approach:
” I say something like this:
a lot of Tunes Moombahton are a very cheap and quick produced – people will get fed up soon if the quality will not get significantly better. There are some really lovely Moombahton tunes out there, but we need more musicality, more quality and a few hits”.

So first things first.. I am not a moombah hater.. In fact, I liked it so much, that I posted about it.

Because I care about moombah, I try to create discussions, in where, people’s opinion usually get to a collective point of view. On this particular case, how make moombah even more awesome.

This is a post, In where I will try to extend my opinion.. explain why I think a lot of the actual moombah is just following the path Cumbia was falling. Nowadays, I believe Digital Cumbia ( in music terms) has a higher level after these kind of discussions were made.

I will post my opinion, what I know, based on my experience, I don’t have time to do a proper research, which means some facts can be subjective.

And I really hope, producers can see a bigger picture, in what I meant on Walmer’s blog/post.


Context: Let’s choose Latest and perhaps most brutal Moombah compilation of 2011..
Verano de Moombahton.. Compiled by Munchi. (I am not stabbing) I think each one of the tracks is amazing..

In fact when you have a compilation with Javier Estrada, Hostage, Sazon Booya, Munchi and CARDOPUSHER!! without even listening to it I knew It was a killer..
These guys always drop High Quality.. I am surprised that Cardo was in the compilation, It says a lot about the genre, it is expanding, and Icons like him are digging it.
Zardonic and Cardopusher are some of the most amazing producers I have heard from Venezuela..
I do not know if Zardonic is also digging moombah, but when I saw cardopusher’s name, and when i heard the tune, I was freaking happy…cuz it is ghetto, reggeaton sex, dembow.. and moombah.

After I downloaded and listened to it!! I say :”Brilliant”..

Why dissecting al divino Nino..
Some of you might do not know, but The artcover is el Divino Nino!!!!!, even Diomedez Diaz loves it!!!
It is a catholic statue, from a popular church in Bogota, where only poor people go and pray, Normally it is associated with low profile people, because it is located in 20 de Julio. A poor neighborhood. Which fits the ghetto attittude that at least in bogota, people have about moombahton. Not the dope/fancy venues drop moombah, I think it is the opposite -not chic or cool at all- (in bogota, colombia, south america) I dunno about the rest of the planet.
But more than a statue from Baby Jesus, it is perfect to make an analogy.

Raised as a catholic I know we have lots of elements that all combined, all together are what we call FAITH.
Our Faith is Genre.

As you know, we have God father, then divino nino aka baby jesus aka JESUS, and the holy ghost.

God father is DUB, Jesus (divino nino) is moombah and holy spirit is dembow.

Which leads what is the relationship from reggeaton and moombahton?

Nada had been making reggaeton-tempo edits of Dutch house and tropical house.

which means that reggaeton was one of the elements… but you don’t have reggaton without PLENA.

Panama’s Plena is the whole base of puerto rico’s & dominican reggaeton.
Nando Boom was the guy who did Pension

Later on.. it was called Denbow

The song originally comes from POUNDER a song created by Bobo General & Sleepy Wonder.. which is our Holy ghost (click..and/or save it)

bobo general n sleepy wonder-pounder
THIS RIDDIM is called Pounda produced in 1991 by jamaican producer Dennis the Menace who worked also with panamanian artist like El General, Nando Boom, Killa Ranks in NYC.

Here’s a link about plena if you want to read more.

This is the song that started Reggeaton

But we don’t have dancehall.. without DUB
Under Me sleng Teng was the first dancehall..

So Our GOD Father is DUB.. and his angel dancehall, gave us under me sleng teng.. which as you hear, it has a dope bassline!!!

what is a key element in dubstep? is there any relationship between dembow and dubstep bassline..?

Divino Nino aka Moombahton’s key producers have nailed it. Mostly because I think they are totally aware of everything I wrote so far.

Our Trinity is set..

What about the angels and saints?

Dutch and Tropical.. These elements come from Europe, and middle east as well.

I was talking to Stereo Mc’s singer (rob), aquasky and Tim Healey bout their view of new music..including moombahton and they all say it is amazing how everything is connected (like Stereo’s MC song!!).. the fact that kids see no problem in dropping and blending elements. a dubstep bassline with a dutch key and a reaggeton, and slow it down.

Aquasky has been a key player in the electro scene.. since the 90’s.. ( if you are into producing, then you might know em) in case u dont..(link)
and I think this song (2011) still have the elements of 90’s european electro..
* Promo * Aquasky + Diane Charlemagne ‘Take Me There’ Passenger 2011 by Aquaskyuk
but if you take individually some of these elements.. kick, lazers, keyboards, claps.. and place em with a 108 BPM and dembow.. U know what can happen.

Which leads me to the second part

Moombahton: let’s do the numbers!!!

As I say.. everything is subjective.. and what musically worth is.. depends on each person’s perception.

I am going to say.. with no doubt.. Verano del Moombahton.. is the best moombah out there so far.

Munchi’s own words: “75+ BANGERS hit up my email, not even mentioning the bangers that i found on soundcloud or other sites and the bangers heartbreak and melo got me.”

only 13 made it.
Selection Criteria..? well U have to ask Munchi.. but I am going to make my opinion. I think munchi selected those because each one represents how versatile, how dynamic and explosive moombah can be, also the fact it is already a global movement, from Brazil Leo Justi, NYC sazon Booya, Monterrey Javier, Dutch-Dominican Munchi, Venezuelan Cardopusher, Parisian Dembowsky are few of the ones I know where they are from..
They also have “the vibe”.. The Faith.. they are raw.. filthy.. but sexy.

13 out of 75 +… let’s say just 75… that is like 15% kinda.. i dunno.. I hate maths.. and I will assume that summer means 3 months.. 90 days.. and all the rest .. people who didnt know about this compilation.. dropping ONLY at least 1 song per day .. which means 75 + 90.. and let’s hope no one had dropped another song, compilation or even a 4 songs EP.. because it’d mean a higher number of songs out there..which could mean that % going lower..

I accept.. when I said 99% is shit.. I didnt mean 99%.. it was just an exaggerate point.

Because I also said.. two people listening to the same song can have different opinions.

There are lots of great songs. But we need to drop original stuff…

Which leads me to

How Can we make Moombah better?

My first suggestion is that if you feel the vibe.. and you know the elements, the roots, you have no problem in creating a song.. It can be an edit, a remix, for real, but it also can be totally original..loop from loop.. it is up to you.. I personally like edits.. and originals.

But what I feel, so far, is the fact that moombah doesn’t have a clear language itself in terms of singing.

And I mean, when you grab an accappella, you know if it is reggeaton, hip hop, dub, flamenco, and so on.

Boogat, Zuzuka, Maluca, Chito rock, luperta Mc fly are few ones that I know they have been dropping original production and songs with a real vibe
Javier Estrada & Boogat – Ta violento by djjavierestrada

I personally am exploring moombahcore
Neki Stranac & Caballo – Punkass ( this is some heavy shit) by caballo

But I think.. There are tons of possibilities to create a real language.. a unique sound.

Moombahton is still in the early stage. That is why I prefer to post and sing originals and edits that can improve the moombah quality.

But remember.. that is subjective. Some people might say.. He says he likes originals and posts and does an edit.

sometimes ( or many times) edits or remixes are better than originals.. and that happens in all genres.


I think copyright and you tube policies are enemies or at least not friendly for moombah, as many people do not have enough money to shoot a real video.

But I think it is very important for people who do not know the genre, to see a video.

More than a steady image with the track on youtube.

Some of the videos around

Maluca n Diplo made Moombah’s Que QUE

Guapo Feo

A tribe called RED drop always amazing videos

tribe awards from Bear Witness on Vimeo.

MoombahWow from Bear Witness on Vimeo.

So to wrap up.. I will post SABBO wise words:
“People seems to loose their proportions here…This is only fucking music ! in just few months people here tuned it into a religion of sort. this is just music ! I love Moomah but this is not some heaven sent gift to humanity. It is “just” another genre and artistic platform.
Moombah is getting some spotlight now but we all know the story: an underground genre gains respect and momentum from an underground people,than comes the “big hit” and will make it’s original crowd whine and call for “keeping it real” and how this and that “ruined Moombah”,they will call 2011 “the golden age” and will say they played it from 2007….than in a few year it will probably go back to it’s original size,less media hype,less people on this group and the “big” names will vanish from memory…some talented people who had the skill and talent will still make great music regardless of genres.
This is the way things happen with ALL artistic movements.
Peace :) – Sabbo

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  1. I hear you Sabbo! And I anxiously look forward to “people on this group and the BIG names” vanishing! ;-)

  2. Good post Caballo, well put together, and I think you made a good point. And you made it clear. Sabbo as well. In the end it’s just music so everyone take it easy. Just do what you enjoy, practice it, and hone your skills. I can’t believe how people can get so upset over sound waves. Peace and best regards – Guero

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