Andrés Digital Monthly Cumbia Round Up Episode No 12

This month we got Cuuuumbia inna di House !! Andrés Digital is inna di house !! And you know that all the Cumbia Producers coming from different musical backgrounds – so its time to present the housy side of cumbia remixes, time to present some Remixers I wanted to promote for long time because they making real sexy muuuuusic !! Get on your feet, move your booty and dance !!

|titles= Monthly Cumbia RoundUp #12
|artists=Andrés Digital]Download it here !!

Cumbia No 1 – Vetvier Bong vs BlackBox – Everybody Everybody


Starting with a real House Classic going deep into Cumbia. Vetiver Bong aka. Joaquin Rosendo get inspired by Mexico City to create this kind of soundtrack of his life. But his escapes to the beach during Eastern inspired them too, as well as any starred table dance establishments, and the night, the bars, its decadence and double senses. The streets, the country bars, ‘ficheras’ films, marketplaces, bongs, ‘Que transa con las bandas’ book, magazines, amongst many others inspire them too. There’s an unofficial story that says Joaquin had to rob stone sacks to buy Vetiver Bong’s mask and his white shirts… but that will never be known for sure. Check ou the Bandcamp to grab hos EP “Cumbia Weapons Vol. 1” for free !!



 Cumbia No 2 – NOIA vs. KONONO – Black Jungla

NOIA comes from Montreal Canada and runs a lot of Musical and Visual Projects but I do not have good Infos bout him so I have to stay his music alone.  And he’s remexing Konono Nº1, a Grammy nominated musical group from Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of the Congo.


Cumbia No 3 – Dany F – Mesawww

Daniel Florez aka. Dany F aka DCB is a young producer from Medellin, Colombia with an enormous output and lots of releases, A real Cumbia-House Messenger !!

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Cumbia No 4 – Sol Selectas – Cumbia Lolita

Sol Selectas aka DJ Sabo comes from New York City, USA and is a Dj internationally known for his signature “funky music to make you feel good” style, which is a rhythmic combination of House, Latin, Brazilian, Afrobeat, Disco, Reggae, Cumbia, Dub, Miami Bass, Hip Hop, and Tropical Bass.


Cumbia No 5 – Jin Yerei – Calypsa

Jin Yerei aka Federico Sanchez comes from Buenos Aires Argentina and he is also known as Fuerzasdelondon. Find his EP “Bootycumbiatrax” for free on his Bandcamp.


Chicos y Chicas, Brederen and Sistren, Cumbiamberos, Planeta Unido – Saludos desde Alemania sin Sol – hasta la proxima !! Recuerdas !! – El segundo Domingo cada mes! Viva la Cuuuumbia!!!!

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