The Best of Roots of Chicha!

On July 19th, Barbes and Fat Beats will release our first double LP which contains 23 of the best songs from The Roots of Chicha volume 1 and 2.To celebrate, here is our very first attempt at a mixtape which includes songs from the album as well as a couple of gems such as Los Destellos’ “Marijuana No” and “Chinito Bailarin” by Maximiliano Chavez’s Los Orientales de Paramonga. All radio announcements are by the legendary Ranil and are still being used on his radio station – Iquitos’ own RF.

Barbes Chicha mix tape by Barbes Records
Things have changed in the global Chicha world since Barbès released its first compilation in 2006. Chicha has not only joined the ever-growing cumbia family as one of its established cousins, but all over Latin America, it has attained cult status and reached out to audiences until then more accustomed to listening to Rock En Español – or Rock En Ingles for that matter – than any form of Tropical music. Chicha has now crossed social and geographical boundaries and can be heard at parties around the world.

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