Exclusive TB!! Latin Summer Fest: Jairo Mendez’ EP

Tropical Bass will start dropping this week a Latin Summer fest..
Dropping everyday a FREE album from a wicked producer..

Javier Estrada -Ritmos del mundo 4

Jairo Mendez -Orden y Disciplina

Den5hion- Rusetron

& Much More!! so keep tuned!!

So if you have seen Javier’s Ritmos already…let’s move to the next one:

Jairo Mendez is one of a kind..

If you dont know the story.. here’s the short version:
“He was/is a son of a Rural farmer in Venezuela, Jairo (who also is a farmer) bought in a pawn shop a computer and it came already with FL Studio and other programs installed.. Without having ANY idea of production..He started looking on youtube what the programs were for..
Soon he discovered himself making amazing tunes..
Then he uploaded songs and got massive response.. He moved from the country side to the city..where he was stabbed and later treated for an addiction to painkillers (result of the stabbing).. During rehab he met Mr Ioso and Ramayamaruk Julio Cesar aka ES OBVIO who helped with this EP.”

So as we said..
just click


Here are Some of the songs
Green Empire by jairomendez

Orden y Disciplina – Jairomendez by jairomendez

Free download or copy paste

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