Dubstep en Español!!!

Latin American is slowly getting into the dubstep scene more and more, specially thru moombahcore’s filthy basslines which can direct to a more dubtstep oriented set!!
There are hundreds of latino producers already signed in Dubstep labels.

All over the web, i am listening everytime more and more Latinos & Spanish dropping dubstep in their sets!!

From Sheeqo beat or Dj linterna, to Dragao (Papaya Republik) in Colombia or Cherman in Barcelona…just to name a few.

Which lead me to the question:

Are MC’s also dropping original dubstep? or Is it just DJs?

Because the lyrics can make a HUGE difference in the so-called Transnational dubstep scene, which so far is not that “global”. I’d say (uk/ east europe/south asian oriented).

Most of the great dubstep en español you can find around are mere remixes..
like this absolute beauty from Caifanes (contradition rmx) feat in The Rebel Records page
Caifanes -El comunicador (contadiction Rmx) From LR AZTLAN by therebelrecords

Vs Original stuff..
Whacka & Caballo
Caballo & Whacka- All ur bass belong to us by caballo

Remix from EL GRAN SILENCIO (also at the rebel records’ soundcloud, which is perhaps one of the few labels dropping dubstep in spanish)
El Gran Silencio – MC(Bleepolar rmx) click description for Album free DL by therebelrecords
Onechot Feat Itagui from Locos por Juana and Yeyo
Omniscient ft LPJ, Yeyo & OneChot – Brother (Medico Remix) by OneChot

So Now i ask to the MC’s (ladies and guys) lets drop some more ORIGINAL dubstep!!
Fauna sounds just amazing!!
Peppa – Fauna vs. Rob Sparx by Peppa – Sandro Dalepedro

5 thoughts on “Dubstep en Español!!!”

  1. ok, in Response to this post, and as the producer to the onechot remix, i would say this;

    Yes most of the Spanish dubstep out there is found is in the form of remixes, but i would say that these remixes are helping open up the ear and the interest of the spanish crowd. I would love to do original tracks with artist, and as i type I have a number of originals in the works with various artist plus a few of my own, but is really a risk that may not have a reward for those who take it.

    I love dubstep, is grimy. dramatic, nasty, heavy….maybe even kinky in a dangerous away. Is also a bit of a secret….the same way that fight club was a secret, you weren’t supposed to talk about it, you weren’t supposed to talk about, but the people that needed to know, knew about it. The day that dubstep crosses completely over to main stream, that might just be the end of it. or at least the day it changes from what it is right now. Kind of the same way punk changed when Green Day broke out.

    That being said, it is inevitable for dubstep to break out, to get popularized and become mainstream. It is futile to fight it, so sign me up to be the Green Day for the spanish market….God knows Rusko and Skrillez and Zeds Dead got the american market on lock.

    KABOOOOM !!!!!

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