The Algorithm- CRITICAL.ERROR & The doppler effect

Think Aphex twin, Squarepusher meets Meshuggah!! This is a good description of The Algorithm’s music.

The guy behind this french awesome music is Remi Gallego and with only two brilliant albums, and one coming up this summer:

The Doppler Effect & CRITICAL.ERROR this guy has launched a whole genre!!

For the people who is into the aggressive tendencies, and also like dubstep and ambient electronica, this is the perfect FREE album for you.

The Algorithm’s Isometry
Isometry by The Algorithm

Now we are super happy of getting our hands in not just one but two free albums!!!

Courtesy of THE REBEL RECORDS and The Algorithm

GET THEM HERE!!! Totally Free

This is something you’ll find in the album:

Access Denied ( in case you arent into the aggressive tendencies; make sure you listen til 1:25 drop and then you won’t let it go til the end!!)
The Algorithm – Access Denied by therebelrecords

and also the 3 parts of Kernels ( this is part 2)
The Algorithm – Kernel Pt. 2 by therebelrecords


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