Andrés Digital Monthly Cumbia Round Up Episode No 8

Yepp famila – bienvenidos – this is a special !!  A special Space Cumbia Round up presentando the new Album de la Supercumbia Futurista. So my boss sent me over  to Mexico DF to make this little Interview with Gustavo aka. G-Flux part of the Supercumbia Futurista Collective. Thanx Martin I enjoyed a real nice weekend there !!

But first five Cumbias – Playlist – Siete Sietes (Amantes del Futuro) – Gozadera (Antifaz ft. Soul Bodega) – Waffles (Los Wendys) – Modelito (PapiG Remix) – Pasoncito (Afrodita vs. DJ N-Ron Rico)[wpaudio url=”″ text=”Andrés Digital – Monthly Cumbia RoundUp #8″]

Andrés: Who is the Supercumbia Futurista ? Where do you come from, where do you wana go ?

Gustavo: The Super Cumbia Futuristica is a Mexico City artist collective (also know as simply”Futuristica”) the collective is formed by the duo Afrodita (Imanuel Miralada Karin Burnett), G-flux (Gustavo Naranjo), Imanuel’s side projects Los Wendys and Amantes del Silencio as well as Diego Ibanez’s and Karen Ruiz’s Sonido Desconocido, Sonido Changorama and Sonido Trucha. We have also included  our latest compilation DF Tropical a cumbia track from my side project with Chet Samuel “Antifaz” and in the upcoming compilation Odisea 2012 we have some new great additions as well.

Futuristica first came to light with the release of Afrodita’s first album “La Reyna Del Palenque”.  In 2009 their first album really touched on the cumbia style although it also had elements of electro and old Mexican tropicalia. A wave of young producers from DF some of them new and some of them that had been producing music for a while got together to form the Super Cumbia Futuristica collective and started a number of performances and DJ nights throughout the city mixing cumbia rhythms with contemporary sounds.

My collaboration with Futuristica started last year when I produced the track Ciclon Del Caribe with Afrodita, we received a lot of attention and play. The song was a mixture of cumbia and some kind of afro-latin and deep house over Karin’s and Imanuels’ distinctive lyrics (the song can be found in virtually every digital music store). After that we decided to continue working together producing songs and also distributing compilations that showcase the electronic music scene in DF. I am currently mixing part of Afrodita’s new album and you can also check out on DF Tropical “Trivolution” the latest G-Flux vs Afrodita track.

The members of the collective come from a diverse creative background and in most cases have various artistic projects that we work on besides Futuristica, for example, Karin is an accomplished actress and Ima a talented graphic designer and the creator of our DF Tropical art, we also have political activist like Sonido Trucha who deconstruct political speeches and sample them in their music. I would say that there is no set destination for Futuristica except for the fact that we want to reach as many people in as many places as possible with our work and continue publishing our music, I wouldn’t say that we are trying to reach a crossover success or trying to coin a new music term, we are trying to be ourselves and let people take what they can and want to absorb from the music in hopes to make a connection.

Andrés: The Cumbia was born in Colombia and has a long history. It started as Folclore and nowadays it get remixed by people from all over the planet with different musical backgrounds. Where do you see the future of the Cumbia ? Will it get global ?

Gustavo: I think Cumbia went global a long time ago, perhaps a couple times already.  It is such a universal sound that it would probably be around for many years to come. I don’t know in what specific form but I think that because of it’s danceable nature and swing is here to stay. I am looking forward to the next popular music movement to become what Cumbia has become, perhaps Haitian Meringue, just a thought.

Andrés: Now you coming up with a new Album called “DF Tropical”. What will we hear on the new Album ?

Gustavo: DF Tropical is a compilation of new tracks, B Sides and remixes, we have been working on the concept for sometime, the compilation has gone trough a name change to reflect the fact that we are introducing different styles into the mix and not doing exclusively cumbia, but at the same time we are trying to preserve the Futuristica DF sound, the album includes songs like Siete Sietes by Amantes Del Futuro and Trivolution by G-Flux vs Afrodita that feature strong retro dub and cumbia influences as well the track “Waffles” by Los Wendys introducing their characteristic Country Cumbia style and soft vocals. DF Tropical also includes a remix of the track Pasonsito (Little OD) by Dj Ron Rico from Afrodita’s first album that was not previously released, other tracks include a remix I made of the Afrodita track “Modelito” in a kind of 80’s 909 heavy style.

Andrés: On the new stuff I hear a stronger Dub influence ?

Gustavo: There is definitely a bit of dub influence in the new work but we attribute this not only to dub but to listening to a lot of music made with analogue gear, although most of us work in the box we look up to people like Mexican cumbia idol Rigo Tovar and Los Angeles Negros for example, they were not dub artist but sonically had the same texture as a lot of reggae music, I think that is why many artist are experimenting with dub and different latin rhythms.

We got an exclusive free Download from the upcoming Album DF Tropical

[wpaudio url=” Remix).mp3″ text=”Trivolution G-Flux vs Afrodita Deeper Remix”]

So check out the links – you will find some free downloads and great timeless music !!


Amigos y Amigas, Familia, Cumbiamberos, Planeta Unido –  Saludos desde Alemania – hasta la proxima !! Y seguro tu recuerdas – El segundo Domingo cada mes! Viva la Cuuuumbia!!!!