Soundcloud Serendipity – the Moombah-Edition

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After a long time of silence I finally found some peace and quiet (literally) to drift on the Soundcloud again and catch up with the latest drips and drops. This time the Soundcloud Serendipity will be all about all things Moombah, be it -ton, -core, -soul or -luv (beautifully inspired by a new Facebook group set up by Generation Bass‘ DJ Umb). The whole Moombahton thing is getting more interesting from day to day – at the moment it’s situation is quite weird: on the one hand the scene is still very small, underground and full of enthusiams, on the other hand you can already watch the sound becoming more and more commercial, not least caused by the strong push Mad Decent is able to give in the US. Well, time will tell, let’s check what’s cooking right now:

DJ Orion – Wraith
Medieval Moombah – btw, when you google “wraith” and “orion” your result is an online role play called “Star Wraith: Shadows of Orion”.
Wraith (Original) by dj_Orion

Rusko – Everyday (Boyfriend edit)
Boyfriend just invented Glowstick-Moombahtrance – who wouldn’t love that?
Rusko – Everyday (BOYFRIEND edit) by BOYFRIEND

DJ Sabo – Paris Luanda (Sabo Moombahton Remix)
Maybe the catchiest hook ever in Sabo’s Moombahtonization of the DJ Gregory & Anthony Salta original.
Paris Luanda (Sabo Moombahton Remix) by djsabo

Travis Porter – Bring It Back (Skinny Friedman Moombahton rmx)
Can you see the DJ putting his hands in the air at 00:40? I do!
Travis Porter – Bring It Back (Skinny Friedman Moombahton rmx) by Skinny Friedman

Sonora – Amor De Alicia
Ooooh aaah uuuuh – Moombahluuuv.
Sonora – Amor De Alicia by SONORA

DJ Horny Chihuaha – Noche de Moombah
To really appreciate the name “DJ Horny Chihuaha” you should know that out there is a Trance DJ called “DJ Latex Zebra”.
Noche de Moombah by trickstep

Nate Dogg – Gangsta Walk (Chong X – Gangstatone edit)
Hey, it’s Nate Dogg, it’s Gangsta Walk – I can already see a brandnew dance move.
Nate Dogg – Gangsta Walk (Chong X – Gangstatone edit) by chong-x

Cidinho & Doca vs. Mastiksoul – Rap Das Armas (Neki Stranac Edit)
Neki “every shot hits” Stranac in a gangsta mood.
Rap Das Armas (NEKI STRANAC Edit) – Cidinho & Doca vs. Mastiksoul by NEKI STRANAC

Flore – Raw (Flore MoombahRAWn remix)
Lady rules the bizz…
Raw (Flore MoombahRAWn remix) by Flore

Antranig – Back That Up (EklekTek Moombahton Remix)
I originally wanted to post this, but not possible – now you know.
Antranig – Back That Up (EklekTek Moombahton Remix) by EklekTek

Yo Panda ! – Moombooty Bounce
Paandaaaaa Claaaap!!!
Yo Panda ! – Moombooty Bounce by Yo Panda !

Skrillex – Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites (Dj Javier Estrada Remix)
For everyone who likes it a little bit more rough around the edges.
Skrillex scary monsters and nice sprites Dj Javier Estrada Remix by djjavierestrada

Gavin Holland – Moombarena
Just couldn’t resist – don’t blame me on that…
Gavin Holland – MOOMBARENA by gavinholland

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