Nectah EP 1: Sumsin

The people over at Pollinate Records from London just kicked off their new “Nectah” EP series, featuring the whole goodness of the label’s roster. Kickstarting the whole affair is Sumsin, notorious for his mad approach to Socamerenguetek.

Sumsin goes for a quite irregular sound, merging the drive and speed of Soca and Merengue with a slightly paranoid look and feel. Strange thing, you might think, but it kicks ass.
Check the video to understand what I’m talking about:

Here is what the maestro himself says: “Socamerenguetek in effect, an unusual marinade of techy tropicalisms, molested merengue, rippling reggaeton and the crooked disorder of Sumsin’s vocal issuings. A merry, euro-latino romp, best enjoyed with all 11 fingers and an open heart. Numerous coarse odes to the splendidly crass men of latino party lands here come packaged in distinct and unexpected containers. This is the sound of a dizzied alpha-mule kicking its way through an odd crate of new world mp3s”.

Some streams for now, after that surf over to Pollinate’s new online shop and buy your own private carnival package (even before the EP will be available in all online shops on May 9th)!
Experimenta by sumsin

Extraña by sumsin

Lenta by sumsin

And one more: Free Viagraphone Multimix by Sumsin, featuring a whole awesome universe of everything from Soca to Merengue to Michael Jackson:
SUMSIN – Viagraphone Multimix by Pollinate

Arto Tunc Boyaciyan live
Dj Dever feat. Lil Silvio – Nos vamos de fiesta
Lito y Polaco – Manitica sexual
Marvin Santiago – Fuego a la jicotea
Timberlee feat. Oscar B & Ward 21 – Bubble like soup
Burning Flames – De wetta de betta
Omega feat. Michael Jackson – Remember the time
Sumsin – Alarm shot
Problem Child – 4 Life (Scratch Master Road Mix)
DJ Scuff – Dembow pa la menore
Peter Ram – Un couche la
These are Powers – World Class Peoples
Sumsin – Belly of the bees
Murlo – Fishscale
Caribou – Sun (Altrice’s only what you gave me remix)
Caribou – Sun (Feliz remix)
Maluca – El Tigeraso (Sticky K remix)
Sumsin – Bebi fonk
De Schuurman – Special for DJ Electro and DJ Daycard
Sumsin – Gran Truquito
Oh my Honey – Latency