Elephant Man- Vampires & Informers

Bloodstep, is the new dubstep from Jamaica.
Dancehall ready to suck cops’ blood!!!!

Originally a top selling limited edition 7″ vinyl recorded with Sly & Robbie back at Kingston’s Black Scorpio studios, here is “Vampires & Informers” resurrected and completely re-imagined with producers Subatomic Sound System, Dubblestandart, Stereotyp, Liondub, Ming (of Ming&FS), David Last, Taal Mala & Kush Arora just in time for today’s vampire-loving, blood-thirsting, electronic-obsessed youths to lose their minds at raves, political protests, revolutionary activities, block parties and dancehalls around the globe.
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Elephant Man – Vampires & Informers (Emch’s Subatomic Soundboy Burial Megamix) FREE DOWNLOAD by SubatomicSound

Vampires & Informers is back for more blood, remastered with new versions and a megamix. Subatomic Sound (NYC) teams up with People’s Records (Kingston, JA) for the first in a series of releases bringing together top Jamaican artists with top electronic producers worldwide. Kicking off with an extra loud bang, is the “Vampires & Informers” release, a rare look at Elephant Man, one of the world’s top dancehall artists, vocally delivering a ferocious portrait of Jamaica’s “vampire” politicians, “bloodsucking” informers, and the “military society” of the ghetto youths.

Elephant Man – Vampires & Informers – Liondub & Tester’s BK Jungle mix by SubatomicSound
Elephant Man – Vampires & Informers – Stereotyp’s Bloody Barefoot mix by SubatomicSound

Here’s the whole Release
Elephant Man “Vampires & Informers” w/ Subatomic Sound, Dubblestandart, Stereotyp, Ming, Kush Arora by SubatomicSound

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