PalmaCoco – Boogaflow. Free Album!!

PalmaCoco is perhaps one of the coolest bands that is around the latin scene.
You have to drop these tunes in your mixtapes!! or just get them for your personal abuse!!!!

This is a world Premiere!! They are Dropping the BOMB!!!

Get the whole album here!!!!.. it is EPIC

Led by Sr Ortegon; this band sounds like Orishas mixed with La 33!! Now.
if you dont know neither Orishas nor La 33..
Let me explain in this way.. Super groovie hot latin sound with excellent flow mixed with virtuosic & heavy salsa!!
Negrita Ve ( bitches and rum ) by ortegon

This is a Heaven boogaloo!!!

I Want You No More by ortegon

Sr ortegon!!! All my respect for doing this jamiroquaiesque remix of one of my favorites tunes ever!!!
Get yours.. only 20 left!!
Don`t Call me Baby (sr ortegon remix 2011) by ortegon

And this technobanger
El Tigre ( Sr Ortegon Club Mix ) by ortegon

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