Andrés Digital Monthly Cumbia Round Up Episode No 7

The sun is shining, the weather is sweet, all I wana hear is this Cumbia Beat. Welcome cumbiamberos, after last month Carnival Round Up we’re going back to a more digital cumbia set. Que disfruten !!

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Andrés Digital Cumbia Round Up 7

Cumbia No 1 – Gamboy – Cadereira

Marcelo Gamboa , Mónica Mtz and Emmanuel Estrello “Chema” coming from Torreón, DF / Mexico and it’s really time to post a Tune from them, because of they got real gooooood stuff.


Cumbia No 2 – Jazzy start – JP Shuk Remix

Jp shuk comes from Madrid – near Bogota – Colombia and I´m so sorry for cutting his real nice Jazzy Start. He got more remixes with such funny titles.


Cumbia No 3 – Cumbia Caletera – Billo’s Caracas Boys – Nixtamal Remix

Nixtamal comes from Camarade (Ariege) France and is remixing Billo‘s Caracas Boys. Somewhere between tropical, dub and reggae he found his way. This way lead him to Mexico where he got cumbiambized ten years ago. Feeling concerned by nowadays world diseases he lives, in family, in an ecologic collective, working the land as a free man. That’s from this remote area in Occitany that he sends us solid cumbias re-editions, live mixs and remix. Sure ! The sound of Nixtamal has roots, bass and a rich natural groove. Grab his EP for Cabeza


Cumbia No 4 – Vueltesita – Add On de Bass D&B Remix

Alan Zantana comes from San Luis Potosi, Mexico and who said, that Cumbia and Drum & Bass can’t function. Just Speed it up. Vamos a bailar !!

Soundcloud – Facebook

Cumbia No 5 – Quimey Neuquen – Jose Larralde – Chancha Via Circuit Remix

Pedro Canale comes from Buenos Aires (Argentina) and he is known for his deep, looping rhythms and modern explorations of traditional folkloric Latin sounds. Here he is remixing a Tune from Argentinas Songwriter Jose Larralde

Grab his mix for xlr8r


Amigos y Amigas, Familia, Cumbiamberos, Planeta Unido –  Saludos desde Alemania – hasta la proxima !! Y seguro tu recuerdas – El segundo Domingo cada mes! Viva la Cuuuumbia!!!!

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