Songs for Christchurch! New Zealand relief help

If you are into dubstep or heavy basslines with melodic music, chances you have listened to two of the best producers in the world are 50/50..
but if i tell you both of them are from Downthere.. and women.
Chances can get higher.

ALexisK from New Zealand, and UNSUB from Australia.

These girls are with no doubt one of a kind each one in the things they do..

Dubstep and Melodic/Aggro dubstep respectively.
But most important is that both have “donated” their work to help NZ’s earthquake red cross relief fund.
So.. if you fancy spend $5 dollars you will get over 7 hours of excellent music from NZ and also help people who had lost homes or a loved one.


Before talking Alexis K’s new EP obsession.. i will like to point UNSUB Red Cross Tracks.

Double Negative vs White Papoo – Vision (Unsub) [Empathy] – All proceeds to Chch Red Cross by Unsub

All proceeds from this track go to the Red Cross Quake Relief in Christchurch, New Zealand

Part of the Minuit Mix series, Alexis K has offered this mix of Except You so we can send some support to the emergency response being supplied by the Red Cross in Chch. The track will also appear on Empathy Records donation compilation on coming out this week which features tracks from many NZ producers (including Minuit’s own Funknslocuts). Check it out as well.


Now.. i will take advantage of this post about AlexisK to tell you to grab her new Obsession EP..
Take my word.. cuz if u see in perspective it took almost 20 years to Trent Reznor to get recognized as one of the best producers in the whole planet.
He won an oscar last nite.. and i personally believe, ALEXISK is going to be something we all (who listen to dubstep) are going to see more and more.. and in case she get an offer to do film music.. she will follow Reznor doubt
and not because she does dubstep, but because her music is amazing.


It sounds like this
Alexis K – Obsessions [Temper D] – Just DROPPED! – Beatport Exclusive by AlexisK

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