Zonora Point & Douster – Puerto de Palos Mixtape

If you don’t know Zonora Point from Chile yet, here is the ultimate reason to fill this gap in your knowledge. The guys just teamed up with Douster to release a free Mixtape called “Puerto de Palos” that pushes South American Swagger Rap to the next level.

The three MCs Camilizi, Serpiente $yms and Lioz let their street themed lyrics filled with girls, drugs and pornography roll over Douster’s trademark beats – a mix-up of Dancehall, Classic Hip Hop Beats, Cueca and a lot of stuff I can’t name exactly.
This is not the first collaboration between Douster and Zonora Point, you may remember the northern hemisphere summer club banger “Huachita Rica”, but the mixtape gives you the full dose with 10 hot as hell tracks, all new, all original productions. And: the whole tape is available as a DJ-friendly single track version – no gun shots, no kidding, no horns.

Zonora Point & Douster – Puerto de Palos (mixtape vol.5) by douster

Get the tape in mixed and unmixed version over at Douster’s Soundcloud – and enjoy!

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