Fall of Moombahton, compiled by Heartbreak

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As you can never be too late for some good stuff, and as everyone should celebrate DIWALI today, and as Moombahton sounds Indian though it isn’t, and as it was a grey and rainy fall day, here it is: THE FALL OF MOOMBAHTON, compiled by the great Heartbreak.

Following on the toes of “Summer of Moombahton” (compiled by Munchi), Heartbreak made up his mind, contacted all those awesome Moombahton producers out there, sorted out and arranged and finally came up with the “Fall of Moombahton”.
Moombahton seems made to conquer the world, almost everyone will get hooked sooner or later. Perfect for the early clubbing hours, the peaking madness and the sexy after-hours. Fusing such a wide range of Tropical and Bass-heavy music in such a hot, sweaty (and as I might say, almost horny) way, it is hard to ignore. So, to quote Heartbreak and Moombahton-inventor Dave Nada in one sentence: “In the words of Dave Nada, Dale Moombahton!!”

Get the hot shit here:
Full EP
Part 1
Part 2

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  1. man this is some good stuff.. I thought this stuff was trash in the beginning, but it is awesome..

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