Dutty Artz – New York Tropical Compilation

Wow, today the Dutty Artz crew dropped this awesome compilation featuring the sound of New York Tropical. Not to mention they also created a free ringtone pack for the compilation, that’s what every urban flaneur needs.

The whole compilation is breathing the spirit of Dutty Artz and mirrors their very own sound aesthetic. A little bit dark, very urban, very New York, but also very Tropical in covering the whole range of fusions and influences that meet in the streets of the Big Apple.

12 tracks, almost all unreleased, take you on a journey from Cumbia to Funky: Kingdom did a mesmerising rework of Dominican chanteuse Rita Indiana, whose “Los Poderes” is already more than captivating in the original version. My personal favorite is Nguzunguzu’s ‘El Bebe Ambiente’, taking you on a wild ride out there through the night. La Ola Criminal’s ‘Sin Gas’ reminds of uptempo Soca in a dark synthie-mood and KG’s UK Funky anthem ‘Feeling Funky’ will get every uptown discotheque hot and sweaty.

Various Artists
New York Tropical Digi-LP
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1. Knight Magic – El Baile de la Cumbia

2. Rita Indiana – Los Poderes (Kingdom remix)

3. Matt Shadetek & Lamin Fofana – Sunshine City

4. La Ola Criminal – Sin Gas
5. Maga Bo – Analys D’Amour (instrumental)

6. DJ /rupture & Matt Shadetek – Sunset B35

7. DJ Orion – The Undertow (instrumental)

8. KG – I’m Feeling Funky

9. Nguzunguzu – El Bebe Ambiente (new mix + master)

10. DJ /rupture, Matt Shadetek, & Chief Boima – Elegy for Mr Peach (Rupture mix)

11. Lido Pimienta – La Minga (Sonora remix)

12. Matt Shadetek – This Is Love

“New York Tropical” is available on all major music plattforms.
Get the free ringtone pack here.

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