Andrés Digitals Monthly Cumbia Round Up Episode No 3

In Central Europe it’s gettin frosty outside but we still have another 5 hot Cumbias bringing back the Sunshine and the good Vibes.

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– No. 1 This time we start with a Cumbia from 2002. La Piba aka Perla Quiroz was just 17 years old, part of the “Movida Argentina” and made 2 nice Albums. So you know what you got to do: Mueve la cola and this does not mean that you have to shake your drink.

– No.2 So Columbia is part of the Balkan ? This is the ultimate crossover Cumbia. Mims representing New York, the Instrumental comes from Balkan Specialist Shantel and all this getting cumbianized by Javier Cano from Cordoba, Argentina

– No.3 Mexicans ina di house again and cuidado this guy got a gun !!

Ernesto Gonzales is searching a new sound and ready to explore the depths of bass music and it’s unique sonic elements…his journey lead him to the cutty edges of his mind where Mexico, London and the Dirty South all fused into one mysterious and club friendly mindset.

You can Download (free!!) his “Remixcan” Album at

– No. 4 Cumbia Clasico “Cumbia del Sol” gettin mashed by El Criollo – Top Cat is fast chatting – feel it !!
– No. 5 El Criollo es parte del DJ Team 2dRua and this two guys mashing up Disco Classic “Don’t stop till you get enough” Big Fun !!
Amigos y Amigas – un abrazo y hasta la proxima !! Y siempre recuerdas – El segundo Domingo cada mes! Viva la Cuuuumbia!

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