Banana Clipz – Banana Clipz EP

WOOW – here comes the latest release on Ghetto Bassquake’s label, and this sweet and inspiring EP is given to you as a free download!
Banana Clipz is the brainchild of Oro11 and Chief Boima, both well-known and blessed with a lot of reputation in the global community of Tropical Bass music.

Oro11 is one of the co-founders of the Bersa Discos label, based in Buenos Aires and San Francisco, whose dancefloor-burning take on Cumbia and other Latin Sounds is on the forefront of contemporary global club music for a couple of years now.
Chief Boima of Ghetto Bassquake and Dutty Artz fame is not only a DJ and producer, but also a blogger, writer and academic. Everyone who is diving at least a bit into the sound cosmos we are dealing with here, will stumble upon his name sooner or later.

Banana Clipz was born at a time when those two guys were both living in Oakland, California, as the beautiful offspring of their shared love of Afro-Latin-Caribbean sounds. The self-titled debut EP, the culmination of 3 years of work, distills this love into a club-friendly panorama of contemporary Tropical Bass sounds, it melds modern, bass-heavy club sounds with the rhythms of Africa, Jamaica, and Latin America. It is also partially inspired by Bersa Discos’ monthly Tormenta Tropical party in San Francisco, where Boima was a frequent guest DJ and even more frequent dancefloor participant.

The bouncing and driving beats on the release are also spiced by an impressing range of guest vocalists, including Oakland/Panamanian rappers Los Rakas, Bay Area-based Guyanese dancehall MC Tidal, Sierra Leone-born singer Khady Black, and Black Nature of San Francisco’s Sierra Leone’s Refugee All Stars.

Check this Banana Clipz Mega Mini-Mix by Chief Boima, get in the mood and then grab the full EP over at Ghetto Bassquake!!
Banana Clipz Mega-Mini Mix by chiefboima

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