Warrior One – New Releases

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The funky Bashment producers Warrior One are back with two upcoming releases on two different labels! The First one is a single “Lord Of Bashy” and features the Heatwave DJ Rubi Dan on the mic. It will be released on the Brooklyn-based label Mixpak Records, founded by Dre Skull in 2009. Release Date:  Oct 18, 2010

Prelisten the full tune now and here:
Lord Of Bashy feat. Rubi Dan by warrior one

Lord Of Bashy (Instrumental) by warrior one

One Week later, on Oct 25, they are going to release the 4-track “King Pigeon EP” on the same called label “King Pigeon Records”. Of course there is another Dancehall/UK Funky combination on it, this time they collaborated with DJ Serocee, who’s riding their Bullring Riddim. You can prelisten all tunes from the upcoming EP as well, now and here:

Bullring Riddim ft. Serocee by warrior one

Together Forever by warrior one

I Don’t Need You by warrior one

Uptown by warrior one

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