SapaBonde – Remix EP

sapabonde cover remix ep

Interesting release by the brasilian all-girl group SapaBonde from – no, not Rio, actually they are from the capital Brasilia.
Members of the group are MC Jubinha, MC Holy Maria, MC Mari Versatil (translating Mc Mari Versatile), MC Luara Marola de Fogo ( translating: MC Moonee Marola Fire), MC Tava G., MC Nina Afeta as Minas (translating: MC Nina affects the girls), MC Sereia (translating : MC Mermaid/Siren) and MC Carol Bitch.

An EP was released just now with remixes by Diamond Bass, Hat+Hoodie, Max Le Daron, Marvey da Pimp, Ophex, El Super Gummi, Guto de Almeida and Rip Knoxx available on Bandcamp.

<a href="">Remix EP by SapaBonde</a>

Of course you are curious now to see these girls in action.. have a peep here:

SapaBonde on Bandcamp

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