Mumdance (feat. Esser) – Don’t Forget Me Now

One might be sceptical of singing fruits, but these ones definitely have swagger. Mumdance has lots of swagger too, no question. The video for “Don’t Forget Me Now”, featuring indie rocker/crooner/popper Esser, got it’s release together with the digital release of Mumdance’s first EP on Mad Decent, called, “surprise, surprise” “Mum Decent”.

Other tracks beside the indiesque ballade “Don’t Forget Me Now” are “Smasher, a smoove Sino-Dubstep production, and “Sacrifice” with Grime MC Badness on the mix, which I would describe as Gabba-Soca-Core.
Here are two extra goodies – first, the free Wookie cover “Battle”, featuring Esser again. Second, the incredibly good Different Circles mixtape, pumping you through the EP tunes plus 14(!!!!) unreleased Mumdance productions.
Mumdance ft Esser – Battle (Wookie Cover) by mumdance
Mumdance – Different Circles – The Mixtape – 17 Unreleased Mumdance Tracks in a 37 Minute Mix by mumdance

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