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The self-titled Badman and non-hippie reggae and dancehall artist MC Zulu compiled a nice free 10-track promo album with some of his most famous tunes from the last years on it! So take your opportunity to grab 10 of his bangers like “Spanish Fly” produced by Israel’s Nr.1 DJ Sabbo, “Lose Control” his teamwork with US Dub Guru Kush Arora, or one of his combinations with german Electro producer David Last, just to name a few! Actually all of them are must-have tunes…

MC Zulu Promo Pak (download via MC Zulu’s homepage)

01. Body Rock f. Douster
02. Darling f. Ghislain Poirier
03. Ghettoblaster f. David Last
04. Go Ballistic f. Wildlife!
05. Lose Control f. Kush Arora
06. N4Ma Deh f. Searchl1te
07. Ransom The Senator f. DJ C
08. Spanish Fly f. Sabbo
09. The Ambassadors f. South Rakkas
10. Walk The Dawg f. Delon Reid

If you’re a producer yourself: check this Remix Competition sponsored by Akai Dub Gabriel and Zulu are running at the moment for their tune “No Lies”

Dub Gabriel feat. MC Zulu-No Lies by Dub Gabriel

Myspace: MC Zulu

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  1. “non-hippie reggae and dancehall artist ”

    wasn hirnloses gelaber, es gibt garkeine hippie reggae artists, du n00b

  2. Fellows fromTropicalbass where I can found this free promo album 6 year later?

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