Katy B ft. Ms Dynamite – Lights On

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Here is the official Music Video for Katy B’s new Single “Lights On”, the funky/dubstep hybrid featuring Ms Dynamite. My two favorite british ladies, right now, on one tune. Couldn’t be more excited. Chart success guaranteed!
Like “Louder”, the tune was produced by UK Funky and House DJ Geeneus.

also don’t forget to check the cool live video from the tune, performed on Rampage/Notting Hill Carnival 2010:

Myspace: Katy B
Myspace: Ms Dynamite

3 thoughts on “Katy B ft. Ms Dynamite – Lights On”

  1. Where’s the dubstep :). There’s not a hint of dubstep in this song. Rather, it’s your average club+some dancehall flavour (courtesy of Ms Dynamite).

  2. @ Mm ask rinsefm ;) they called it dubstep
    actually i don’t hear dubstep elements myself :D

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