Munchi & Heartbreak – Fuck H&M EP

Just landed in our mailbox yesterday, new Moombahton shit from Munchi, this time teaming up with Heartbreak. My heart leaped when I saw the mail, yes, literally, as I’m really digging this dutch youth’s stuff (as I already told you here). And what can I say, the new tunes make your belly and booty shake and wiggle like there’s no tomorrow. From Bhangra beats to Dutch House to Reggaeton flavour, all moombahtonized.
And seriously, by remixing MONTELL JORDAN he got my heart – truly, madly, deeply!!

DOWNLOAD THE FREE EP HERE: Munchi & Heartbreak – Fuck H&M EP

And as the track descriptions are as sweet as always, for your reading pleasure:

Munchi – Pun Aint Dead 
Who the fuck invited Pun? Yeah I did, fuck you. He’s back for a sec on this raw 2010 Moombahton flavoured version of his track 100%!!’Pronto llegara, el dia de mi suerte..’  Lavoe is my shit.
Heartbreak – Chavvi
This song is me having fun. I was chatting with a chick that loved the Munbreakton EP. She happened to like bhangra. I’ve always loved bhangra. So what I did was take bhangra, dirty house and put a bit of Heartbreak into it. The original was 130, but as Moombahton it sounded 10 times better!!
Munchi – Esta Noche
After the Kuduro Promo I have been listening to alot of Soul/R&B/Rap from the 90’s. Shit, i’d listen to that 90’s Soul vibe 24/7 back then. Either that or some Rap. Well, before the whole Reggeton addiction that got out of hand lol. I always wanted to do a Moombahton remix of this one. What the happened to Montell anyway?
Heartbreak – Arroz Con Pollo
On this song right here, when me and Munchi were coming up with ‘The Bridge’. The idea: Lets take some old school hip hop and see what would happen if we flipped. I grab this sample, and ran with it. I felt like a kid in a candy store. 
H. & M. – Face off
The last track we did for the EP. We wanted this to be the best moombahton edit ever. As if it was ment to be at 108. So what we did was like a face off: Heartbreak vs Munchi. Each having one round to show people what we got. Back to the basics on this one, on some vieja escuela shit. Afrojack’s style, 108 beats, Dutch House meets Reggeton.  

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