Hennessy Black Made to Mix

Man Recordings seems to have excellent connections to the liquor industry – well, good for them and good for us, as we are benefiting from the by-products again after the Bacardi – Edu K – Flutesnoot collaboration last winter. “El Toro” by Beware & Motorpitch got booze-proofed (if we hadn’t already knew that) and as Hennessy Black is a liquor especially made for mixing a bunch of high-class producers were asked to throw “El Toro” in the blender for the German launch campaign. The press release says Hennessy is the “signature drink of generation 25+”, well maybe, for sure Red Bull and Hennessy is a staple from Kingston to Tennessee…

On bartender mag Mixology I found this basic rules for successful cocktail mixing: “The most important thing to remember when making (and understanding) a cocktail is the combination of three things: the base spirit, which gives the cocktail its main flavor; the modifier/mixer, which melds exceptionally well with the base spirit but doesn’t overpower; and the flavoring, which brings it all together.” Check for yourself if this mixes are made for sipping:

Hennessy Black Mixes // Schlachthofbronx Remix by Made to Mix

Hennessy Black Mixes // So Shifty Remix by Made to Mix

Hennessy Black Mixes // Oliver $ Remix by Made to Mix

Hennessy Black – El Toro! by DJ Beware & Motorpitch (Bass ill Euro Remix) by Made to Mix

Bock auf`n Hennessy Black / El Toro Remix by Bock auf’n Beat! by Made to Mix

Ah, and don’t forget your party cup:

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