DJ Orión – Subguey Vol. 1 (Boombahchero) Mixtape

Posted on 20 September 2010 by Jelka

OK, being on a heavy Moombathon, Cumbiaton, Guarachero, Boombathon, Guarchiaton, Coombiathon, Cooguarachiton whatever trip lately, I got another one for you: Get ready for BOOMBAHCHERO!

It seems that we are dealing with a mixtape-series here, featuring the whole Peligrosa crew. Shortly after my post Subguey Vol 2 dropped, mixed by Pagame.
The Madness continues – are we witnessing the birth of a new genre here? Boombahchero, made for the Moombathon/Guarachero/xxx fiend who wants to let out his inner jumpstyler….

DJ Orión, member of the Peligrosa crew from Austin, Texas, just dropped this massive mixtape, completely consisting of his own edits of original productions by mainly Dave Nada, Munchi and Heartbreak, as well as some others. Crazy shit…(I already was on my way to bed, as I spent last night in a bar toilet singing Karaoke, but this tape really woke me up)

Especially check his “Woo Boost” edit, already featured in this month’s Soundcloud Serendipity.



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