Andrés Digitals Monthly Cumbia Round UP – Episode No 1

Heh everybody, my name is Andrés Digital, I’m the new guy at and I’ll start up with a monthly column talkin, well better playing Cuuuuumbia. Check it and mark it in your calendar…. every first Sunday I will represent my 5 favorite Cumbias. Cumbia is a traditional music style born in Colombia a very long time ago. After tons of traditionell Cumbias mostly released by Discos Fuentes (and others fi sure) today la Cumbia is gettin remixed by people from all over the planet with different musical backgrounds. Thanks to this fact, la Cumbia is getting bigger and bigger and entering the Dancehalls and Clubs with massive basslines.

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This episode contains 5 Cumbias:
No1 is a remix of Saxofon Cumbiero Fito Olivares by Chale Tamale – “La Cumbia de la Cobra”
No2 is a remix by our favorite Salsamuffin Sargento Garcia combining legendary Accordeon Player Celso Piña and General Buny fast talkin.
No3 for chillin away – comes direct from Mexico DF – The Poncho Kingz getting remixed by El Sonidero Nacional aka. Toy Selectah – “Space Cumbia” – have a good flight

Poncho Kingz

No4 comes Dubwise from Chiles Poder Guadaña – Tune named “De Cara al Viento”.
Poder Guadana< No5 is a tester for your Subwoofers. Cumbia Classic “Noche de Estrellas” with new Lyrics remixed by Dj Dus or Dus has a brillant new EP out named “De la Muerte”. You could catch it on Bandcamp
DJ Dus - De la Muerte EP

Familia – mucho gusto y hasta la proxima !! Y siempre recuerdas -> El primero Domingo cada mes! Viva la Cuuuumbia!

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